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Home Addition | Make Your Residence Extraordinary

Are you looking to make your home more comfortable, functional and valuable? Home additions are the perfect way to do just that. Our experienced general contractors have extensive experience completing home additions and remodeling projects in the Triangle area. We will help you create the perfect space for outdoor living, family rooms or extra bedrooms, or an in-law suite – whatever you need to make your residence extraordinary. 

We Make Your Living Space Extraordinary

Home additions are an important way to make your home more comfortable, functional and valuable. Whether you need an outdoor living space, extra bedrooms or bathrooms, an in-law suite or any other type of addition, our experienced general contractors can help you create the perfect space for your needs. 

Home additions will increase the value of your residence and provide more practical uses that will make your house more enjoyable and livable. Contact us today to start transforming your home with our home additions services!

Our Process for Home Additions & New Spaces

Step 1: Design & Plan

When adding a new space or adding to your home, the first step is to decide on the size and scope of the project. We provide design services to help you create a plan that best fits your needs.

Step 2: Select Materials & Finishes

Once all design details are finalized, we will begin selecting materials and finishes for the space. This includes flooring, countertops, cabinets and other details that will be used to bring your vision to life.

Step 3: Permits & Approvals

The next step in the process is obtaining all of the necessary permits and approvals from your local Building Department before starting any construction work. We can assist you with this part of the process if needed.

Step 4: Construction

Once all paperwork has been completed, construction can begin! We will use high-quality materials and ensure that all work is completed precisely to create a beautiful result.

Step 5: Final Touches

The last step in our process is ensuring all final touches are added to finish the project. This includes the installation of doors, trim, lighting fixtures and any other features requested by you to complete your dream space!

Our Services for Home Additions & New Spaces

Home Restructuring

Revamp your home to match the design of your dreams! Get creative with restructuring and transform cramped spaces into open, inviting layouts. Knock down walls for a bright and airy feel or add extra floors for bonus rooms – all without building an entirely new house.

For families looking for more room and those seeking to make their starter home the perfect forever abode, our team is here to help. Our designers and contractors are ready to collaborate to create a floor plan that perfectly meets your requirements. Transform your current space into something special – let us guide you through every step of the restructuring process.

Room Additions

Room additions are the ideal way to make your house fit for any family, turning it into a perfect home. Whether you have aging parents needing extra space or an expanding brood on their way, there’s no shortage of possibilities – think bedrooms and bathrooms galore, transformational master suites with luxurious en-suites, and even chic studies and cosy living areas. With room additions, your humble abode can grow along with you.

Outdoor Living

Creating a backyard oasis is a great way to bring nature closer to you and your family. Whether you want a private retreat, an entertaining area for friends and family, or a place to relax and take in the scenery, outdoor living spaces can be as luxurious or as simple as you like. 

From built-in barbecues and wood-fired ovens to sunken hot tubs and covered patios with inviting seating areas, there are countless options for creating an outdoor haven that perfectly suits your lifestyle. Proper planning, attention to detail, and quality materials make your backyard the perfect spot to relax, entertain, and make lasting memories.

How Much Do House Additions Cost?

Factors such as size, features and materials used all affect total cost. Before starting any project, it’s important to research local regulations and get multiple bids from qualified professionals to get an accurate estimate for your desired outcome. Investing now could mean even bigger returns when it comes time to sell. To make it even easier, they can get a jump-start on planning their budget with our helpful pricing guide, providing cost estimates to ensure they stay within their financial means.

We are proud to serve Dane County

At Graceful LLC, we’re proud to be serving the Dane County, Wisconsin area with home additions and new spaces. We strive to provide the highest quality services and products at a price that fits within your budget. Homeowners can trust us to make their dream home a reality. We have years of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, so you know you’ll get the best service when it comes time for your next outdoor living space project. Let us help create something special just for you!

For most homeowners, adding a second floor to an existing house can be a great way to gain more space and add value to their home’s square foot. The cost of this project varies widely depending on the scope such as the size, features, materials used and local building codes. Taking into consideration things like new roofing, natural light sources, family room, laundry room and dining room during the planning stages help ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Existing foundations, garages, and rooms also factor into the total home’s square footage and labor costs of your existing home. Also, When adding a second story to an existing house, one of the key considerations is the existing roof. This is because it may need to be modified in order to accommodate the new structure.